Litigation Management

Business Continuity Planning helps your organization anticipate incidents that may affect mission critical business functions, and ensures that you can respond in a planned and controlled manner that allows minimal loss of business and productivity. Having a dependable Business Continuity Plan (BCP) or Business Process Contingency Plan (BPCP) prepares your organization to respond to the danger of potential threats. Krisis Company’s Business Continuity team helps clients:
Krisis Company has a comprehensive policy to control litigation costs. We make the right decisions about when to settle and when to litigate. We make use of Alternative Dispute Resolution to bring claims to a head prior to spending enormous amounts of time and money getting to a trial date. However, when litigation is the right choice (or perhaps the forced choice), we establish an explicit set of performance and billing guidelines for defense counsel to follow.
Krisis Company’s Business Continuity team helps clients: