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What YOU Can Learn from Stephen A. Smith… and Music!

Tonality has diverse meanings basically. In this context, we will focus on tonality and Stephen A Smith. He is an American sports television personality, an NBA analyst for ESPN, sports radio host, sports journalist, and actor. When the word tonality comes to my mind, I think about the quality of a tone or even a starting point or an ending point. We can express these concepts with music as an example.

Tonality in music is the arrangement of pitches or chords of a Musial work in a hierarchy of perceived relations, attractions, and direction. A single pitch or triadic chord with the greatest stability is called the tonic. Music contains notes in succession (melody) or notes in combination.

When these notes are played at the same time it is called harmony. When a piece of music changes key it is said to be modulated. It is most likely to modulate a closely related key. The keys most closely related to the tonic are the dominant, the sub-dominant, the relative minor or major keys.

Tonality tells us about the relationship expected when we hear a piece of music. It also tells us more about the intervals we will find in that piece of music.

  • Tonal-music is a major key or minor key.
  • Atonal-music is not related to a tonic note and therefore has no sense of key.
  • Dominant –the chord built on the fifth note of the scale
  • Sub-dominant the chord built on the fourth note of the scale.

Tonality can also mean the wide range of tones or colour scheme in a picture.

Why is tonality effective?

In order to really connect with your audience and make a good impression, the tonality of your voice is important. Tonality is all about how you sound when you speak. How you say it is more important than the words themselves. Approximately 38% of how messages are received is dependent on our tonality.

In developing a brand voice most organizations and enterprises make use of tonal values. Having a tonal value like authoritative (when you are speaking to an audience you are going to need a voice that both commands attention and conveys authority) or helpful in that it can help you capture and project these different nuances in your comm.

What we need to do is mix our pitches up. Use the tonality of your voice to keep your audience guessing what you are going to say next. This how music almost works (it has patterns of notes that grab our attention and makes you want to sing along). The same is true as the case whereby excitement is happening and we need to raise our tone to bring our audience along.

How to apply tonality.

Using effective tonality is crucial in ensuring your value as a real estate agent is understood. Use persuasive tonality to convince and persuade clients on why they should buy houses. Your core goal as a real estate agent is to always have control of the situation and make lasting impressions of trustworthy (the real dealer). The art of persuasion is a skill that has to be mastered by every real estate agent. Use the power of your voice as the tone you use matters greatly.

Using tonality in marketing.

Tonality in marketing is the ideology advertisements of the brands or products communicates to potential buyers or returning customers. A marketing campaign tone can vary from fun, challenging or youthful. This also depends on the target population. For example, take a look at a company aiming to reach children. They will have to use a fun and friendly tone.

Use of tonality in sales.

Make statements with a commanding tonality or a persuasive tone rather than a questioning tone. Take an example, if you ask a customer “is this the product you want to buy?”  it sounds like you are asking a question and you are not sure whether it’s a good product or it’s the best product to use. This doesn’t mean you can’t use question tonality to your advantage. For example, if a customer says she using some product like chins lotions (your competitor)  you can reply with “you are using chins lotion?”.

That upward inflexibility in your voice can guarantee the customer will ask what’s wrong with the product to which you can reply “oh, nothing.” They will probably be left wondering what’s wrong with that particular brand. They will be not be convinced about the need for the product.

When you look at a lot of brands guidelines, you’ll notice that certain tonal values tend to appear quite often. Most brands want to sound unique and world-leading.

Tonality in communication.

This is when you reflect on life, light and colour in your talk. Usually, most of us speak with a monotone. Take an example of how you start your morning with a monotonous greeting “Good Morning”. It sounds more like a formality than the intended simple greeting that you are offering.

Speak with a deeper tone. Deeper tones are associated with authority, intelligence, and authority. Remember to slow down the rate of your delivery. This makes the listeners absorb and listen to what you are saying. If you want to leave people with positive emotions, Be sure to start with things you know by facts. Approximately 55% of our communication is portrayed as body language whereas 38%  of communication is tonality. Words always sound good when they come from the heart.

Use tonality to satisfy customers.

Customers can at times be so sensitive or stubborn to a point where you are forced to choose the change your tone to meet their requests. Unfortunately, at times, it’s not always easy or possible to tell what kind of tone a customer would prefer. It’s advisable that every time you are communicating with a customer you loosen up a bit, be friendly and use a language they can understand. This is because most customers prefer a human-friendly environment and tone.

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