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Change Your Body Language, Change Your Life!

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Photo by Kris Krüg for PopTech

You have read and heard enough about body language to know how important it is in today’s world. Both professionally and in personal setting your body language can make or break your impression on a prospective employee or a prospective spouse.

In fact, we all have heard how our body language is an immediate give away of our actual personality or a current state of mind. So if you are in a position where you may suffer consequences of revealing your true state of mind then it does benefit to know the right body language postures and cues, in order to give your best shot to a professional or personal situation that requires your best foot forward.

Just look at the British royals for an example. Ever since the American TV star Meghan Markel became engaged and then married to Prince Harry, she has constantly been gauged by the press and television media for signs in her body language that might give away how well she is adjusted into the royal household which is known to have a rather stiff upper lip.

Her body Language has been watched and discussed in reader forums with great interest, also because we know how conscious the Royals are of their public image and the efforts they make grooming themselves to give the right impression, wherever they may be.

And that is about right too. Did you know that body language is not only a reflection of your personality? it can also be a tool to change and fine tune yourself. In fact, body language is a great way to boost the best aspects of your personality and improve or change the weak areas.

American Social Psychologist, author, and speaker Amy Cuddy spent years of research at Rutgers University proving just that! According to her research, there is a two-way connection between body language and the brain. The body language is not merely a mirror of our true selves. It is also a powerful tool for transforming out true selves into our desired personality traits.

She has proved that non-verbal cues and behaviors can strongly impact people’s feeling, behaviors and hormone levels.  This means that we can use body language to improve ourselves too!

So imagine that you are just about to go for that interview for your dream job. Or think of the time when you finally made a date with that gorgeous person you met at your friend’s dinner party.

What do you feel? JITTERS? BUTTERFLIES in your stomach? SWEATY PALMS?

So that is just your body telling you that you feel the stressed in this situation where you need to come across as a high performer or a delightful date. This is your body signaling fear.  It may be the fear of making a mistake or the fear of coming across as not good enough. Or it just could be your natural response to a high-risk situation. How are you ever going to make it through this situation?

What can you do? Is there no way out of your body language signs giving away your fears and jitters?

Amy Cuddy says there is no need to lose hope. She brings Body Language to the rescue. As you now know. Your body is not just taking signals from your brain. It is also sending signals to your brain. So here are some simple things you can do –

Stand straight and take a deep breath. This will immediately make you feel better. Stand with your feet a little apart covering more space on the floor. This will make you feel stronger and more dominant.  This helps you feel in control of your situation.

Another great tip is to smile or think of a pleasant memory that makes you smile. When you smile the facial muscles relax and the happy zone in the brain gets triggered telling you that “all is well”. Smiling also eases the stress hormone levels that otherwise make you sweat or give you that ‘butterflies in the stomach feeling.”

Some people chew gum.  Do you know why it works? The reason this works is that eating – which involves chewing – is an activity we usually do when we are relaxed. Chewing gum, in moderation and with the usual caveats, can also send a signal to the brain to calm down and feel at ease.

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