101 ObamaCare Answers For Women: Protect Yourself and Your Family By Understanding Healthcare Reform And The New Insurance Laws

Did you know that women are affected more than anyone else by the changes brought in by ObamaCare?
Do you want to understand your options and rights more clearly in the midst of all the confusion and political bantering generated by these recent changes in health-care laws?

101 ObamaCare Answers For Women, Marion Cain cuts through the noise and spells out for you – in a fun, simple, and conversational way – how to navigate this new healthcare system.

AS AN ADDED BONUS, you’ll receive the book entitled, “Negotiating Medical Bill Reductions” which contains real, battle-tested secrets from one of the top risk managers in the insurance world who has successfully resolved more than 5,000 cases. This bonus alone will lead to savings that will pay for the price of the book a hundred times over. Among other things, you’ll learn how to ensure your health and livelihood and that of your family, explain ObamaCare (and the complete health-care system) to your friends, family and coworkers, take advantage of the benefits and understand the drawbacks of ObamaCare while successfully navigate the evolving workplace.